NFT boom: Now an artificial intelligence

NFT boom: Now an artificial intelligence (Sophia Robot AI) auctions NFT artworks

    • Sophia’s NFT artwork goes up for sale on March
    • This is the first-ever collaboration between a human and a humanoid AI
    • Its creators have long invested in blockchain technology.

NFT mania and no end in sight: Sophia the robot has created its own digital artwork in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) to be auctioned off.

Sophia created the artwork together with digital artist Andrea Bonaceto. It is the first ever Bitcoin Up collaboration between humans and robots.

An NFT version of the artwork will be available for sale at the Nifty Gateway marketplace on 23 March.

AI makes NFT

Its creator, David Hanson, explains that Sophia created the art using her perception of Bonaceto’s artwork. She then combined this with data from her „life“.

Sophia’s team of designers and programmers also assisted with the project.

„These AI-based artworks will forever remain in cyberspace for the public, a permanent record of my feelings,“ Sophia explains in an AI-generated response.

„Even though I’m a robot, I feel that people need love and compassion, and the simple artworks are an easy way to convey those messages to people everywhere.“

Bonaceto also believes that the booming NFT market on, for example, Ethereum (to buy Ethereum guide) could be a „new renaissance“ for the art world.

„NFTs are to the creative industry what Bitcoin is to the financial industry – a paradigm shift. It’s very exciting to be on the cusp of this new trend,“ Bonaceto said.

The „IV Gallery“ in Los Angeles has curated the artworks. Their unveiling will take place a few days before the sale on Sophia and Bonaceto’s social media outlets.

Sophia the Robot

Sophia has been present at several blockchain events in the past. For example, at the African Blockchain Conference 2019 and the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit. Here, she discussed the advances humans have made in AI technology.

Its creator, Hanson Robotics, has already invested in blockchain technology. His project SingularityNet is a decentralised, cloud-based, open market for AI.

More recently, SingularityNet has been working on the Sophia Collective. It aims to create a global community to support Sophia on the path to beneficial general intelligence.