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If the experiences on the Bitcoin Revolution website are to be believed, then this trading bot is suitable for every investor. On average, Bitcoin Revolution makes about 550 US dollars profit per hour. Per investor. That would mean a profit margin of 13,000 US dollars per day per investor. Figures that are hard to believe at first.

Of course, these figures should always be viewed with a little caution. What is certain, however, and what is therefore also considered safe in any case, is the fact that really very good profits can be achieved with a trading bot like Bitcoin Revolution. Whether they are within the aforementioned range is another matter. Every investor has to find that out for himself.

Despite everything, many investors are sceptical when it comes to trading software. They are worried that not everything will be done properly and that they will end up making losses. We would therefore like to take a look at how Bitcoin Revolution works and whether the promise of good returns can be kept.


What is Bitcoin Revolution?

As a software application, Bitcoin Revolution pushes the automated trading of Bitcoins as well as other well-known cryptocurrencies. For this, advanced trading algorithms are used that are responsible for analysing the market and showing which trading decisions are particularly advisable in the current case. Based on this data, the trade is then directed by the respective investor. He does not have to control the trade himself, but can leave it to the trading bot. You do not have to be an expert to use Bitcoin Revolution. You don’t have to analyse the crypto market yourself in advance, nor do you have to decide how much to trade. The trading bot would take over this decision.

Despite everything, it is always advisable to additionally inform yourself and to achieve at least a rough overview of the trade. Only in this way can you be sure that you are really satisfied with the decisions you make in the end.

Features and Functionality

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Who is behind Bitcoin Revolution?

Steve McKay is named as the inventor of Bitcoin Revolution. He is a very well-known specialist trader for cryptocurrencies, especially in America. He worked on Wall Street for a long time and pushed trading for large clients. Along the way, he developed the Bitcoin Revolution trading software to give all investors the opportunity to generate these big profits. The use of the software shows that this is possible on a daily basis. Building a passive income is therefore definitely possible with Bitcoin Revolution.

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Opinions about Bitcoin Revolution

Even if many investors are sceptical at first, they are completely convinced after using Bitcoin Revolution. Above all, they praise the ease of use, the modern design and the high functionality. Moreover, they are excited about the profits they actually generate. There will hardly be an investor who would work without the software again after using a trading software like Bitcoin Revolution.

Advantages and disadvantages


– only transaction and withdrawal fees are charged
– the user interface of Bitcoin Revolution is easy to use even for beginners
– the investor has full control over Bitcoin Revolution
– the software can be adapted to the needs of the investor
– different trading options can be practised with the demo account


Bitcoin Revolution is not available in the form of a mobile app. However, if cryptocurrency is to be traded on the move, this can be done via the mobile browser of the mobile device. No special effort is required for this.


There are a lot of reports about the use of trading bots. And Bitcoin Revolution is one such trading bot that is also talked about with pleasure. It is reputable, secure, profit-oriented and ideally suited for automatic trading with cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for such a tool and want to trade with cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Revolution is the best choice. We can recommend this trading bot without reservation.